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The miniZAP® according to Dr. Robert C. Beck is the smallest, yet most advanced Blood Zapper (blood cleansing device) in the world market. The miniZAP® is carried like a wrist watch and sets new standards in regard to flexibility, economy comfort. The miniZAP® is a German quality product. In contrary to the so called �Clark Zapper�, the miniZAP® is a �Beck Zapper� and works through low frequency current.


The world�s smallest and smartest blood zapper:
�Cool and unobtrusive to wear.�

The miniZAP® according to Dr. Beck is a microprocessor controlled Zapper (blood zapper), which emanates subtle current impulses through two gold electrodes via the veins of the wrist into the body, in oder to inactivate parasites (viruses, bacteria, fungals) and to boost the immune system. Often the Beck zapper is confused with the �Clark Zapper�, the latter, however, is working at another principle: A Clark zapper basically is a bioresonance- or radionic device, which doesn�t dispatches a real current (�A - micro Ampere) through the blood, but rather frequencies between 30-400 kHz. The Clark Zapper is not based on patented research like the miniZAP®.


See the miniZAP® in action
cool and unobstrusive wearing throughout the day.


Order the miniZAP® for 257,00 € (excl. tax, export price)