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The Body Electric

Our well being depends on our blood quality, this all connecting “transportation organ”. In particular the nucleousless red blood cells, the carriers of oxygen, nutrition and waste particles are very sensible to any attack from outside their membranes.

"With every movement, with heart beat, thinking and self regeneration, electrical and electromagnetical fields play the major part. Weak electric currents, like they are observed in the human body, can be very beneficial to the human body. On the field of low current electrification there were already number of patent applications. The user has interesting possibilities of experimentation with the miniZAP®. "There is a relation between hydrogen ion concentration (pH value) and elektromagnetic activity (proton activity). The proton is a micro magnet which creates magnetic field.” (Häring).

The applications of the miniZAP® model Dr. Beck are almost endless. Use it in particular to increase your well being.

How does blood electrification work?

The photo below shows red blood cells with the typical agglutination, which makes the surface (Membrane) of the blood cells stick together and reduces thereby their ability of transportation. This low energy- and low voltage state can be iimproved through simple methods like exercise, good alkaline nutrition, enough oxygen and regular sleep habits, or - two hours a day of miniZAP®. To our understanding, the effect of the miniZAP is pretty much the same number of other energising methods, like infrared heating or magnetic induction, where electrically charged particles are moved. Membranes of parasites are electrified the same way as red blood cells. Thereby they can’t approach the red blood cells and hide themselves in them to escape the bodies immune system. The electrifcation therefore reduces the parasite load, no matter what kind of micro organisms they are.


“When there aren’t enough charged red blood cells, there is no repulsion between them.
Blood cells agglutinate “Traffic jam” blocks proteins in the capillaries."
Dr. West.

Can a Zapper “kill” bacteria?

No! Neither an electric current of a Beck Zapper, nor the radionic frequency of a Clark Zapper can destroy micro organisms directly. This was shown by in vitro tests where the organisms stayed pretty much alive, despite of voltage. It woud be too simple and even dangerous, because it would also kill symbionts. The theory of Hulda Clark which states that first the leeches are destroyed, then the bacteria and finally the virus is not very likely. There were never autopsies made where liver leeches were found, at least in Europe (see also FAQs).

Is it allowed to consume beta carotin or garlic before zapping?

We have no testimonials which would indicate that natural foods would be critical. In this point we can’t really follow Dr. Beck, which of course doesn’t diminish his works and researches. The increase of any nutrient through electrophoresis is theoretically possible, but to our estimation only very locally and only with much more powerful voltage for a short period of time.