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One of the smallest RO systems
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Chi machines - SilenChi®

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Heilkundeinstitut recommends

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r-0011 Silen Chi Repair - flat rate
Silen Chi Repair - flat rate

Silen Chi repair & testing.
EUR 45.00 incl. tax
+ shipping costs
w-0444 Switch timer short time 220 V
Switch timer short time 220 V

Universale Kurzzeit-Zeitschaltuhr, 0-120 Min. einstellbar mit Stellrad, unterbricht danach den Strom.
FROM EUR 4.75 incl. tax
+ shipping costs
w-0589 Swopper Classic - the moving miracle
Swopper Classic - the moving miracle

LIFE IS MOVEMENT. The inventors of the Swopper. The spine can't endure permanent static strain! As long...
FROM EUR 455.00 incl. tax
free shipping (*)
w-0025 Vitality ring - finger acupressure
Vitality ring - finger acupressure

The vitality ring for finger massage is a massage ring with a conductive, silver-coated catalytic surface. ...
FROM EUR 7.16 incl. tax
+ shipping costs
w-0089 Original Endorf® Nail mat
Original Endorf® Nail mat

The Swedish Endorf® nail mat is the world's smallest "Massage home studio" and delivers in an almost...
FROM EUR 31.96 incl. tax
+ shipping costs
w-0061 Xtensor® - arm/ hand/ finger exerciser
Xtensor® - arm/ hand/ finger exerciser

Exercise improves Joint Range of Motion (ROM) and is one of the BEST methods to help your hands feel and funct...
special price!
FROM EUR 22.45 incl. tax
+ shipping costs
w-0007 vibrAlive® Home Trainer plus
vibrAlive® Home Trainer plus

The vibrAlive® Power massager is effective already when using it 2 x daily for 5 minutes. It strengthens body ...
special price!
FROM EUR 197.10 incl. tax
free shipping (*)
w-0016 Relaxation CD
Relaxation CD

Accessory for the Chi Machine. Three pieces with natural sounds, each has about 20 minutes duration. Two of th...
FROM EUR 4.50 incl. tax
+ shipping costs
w-0013 Chi Relax Mat
Chi Relax Mat

Passive infrared mat with bioceramics, Special accessories for the Chi Machine. Dimensions: Approx. 45 x 100 ...
FROM EUR 17.99 incl. tax
+ shipping costs
w-0014 Magno Twister - turning plate for Chi Machine
Magno Twister - turning plate for Chi Machine

Turning plate for the Chi Machine, is put underneath the buttocks so that the hips are oscillating more strong...
FROM EUR 8.91 incl. tax
+ shipping costs
w-0017 Plug adaptor for Switzerland
Plug adaptor for Switzerland

Plug adaptor, with which you can convert a Schuko plug permanently into a Swiss plug. Cannot be reopened (ther...
FROM EUR 4.04 incl. tax
+ shipping costs
w-0011 SilenChi - Chi Machine
SilenChi - Chi Machine

SilenChi® is a strong and powerful chi machine, very silent and durable due to a mounting suspension with cera...
special price!
FROM EUR 254.15 incl. tax
free shipping (*)
w-0010 Chi Machine 'Economy'
Chi Machine 'Economy'

Chi machine with LED timer 5, 10, 15 minutes
FROM EUR 53.96 incl. tax
+ shipping costs
Item 1-13 from 13
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