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Aquapur® CDL drinking water disinfectant 250 ml
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heartbite vegane Feinkost
Aquapur® drinking water disinfection
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w-0298 Fluidfix occlusion plaster

Occlusion plaster for application of liquids on a specific skin region (wrinkles). Ca. 6 x 8 cm size.
special price!
FROM EUR 5.91 incl. tax
+ shipping costs
w-0299 Grillcube - charcoal barbecue cube
Grillcube - charcoal barbecue cube

World's first! The "grill cube" transforms itself after lighting in just 10 minutes without any fu...
special price!
FROM EUR 1.27 incl. tax
+ shipping costs
w-0377 NU MSM Methylsulfonylmethane 1 kg
NU MSM Methylsulfonylmethane 1 kg

NU MSM Methylsulfonylmethane. Organic sulfur. Dietary supplements. Recommended dosage: 1 teaspoon (5 grams) ...
special price!
FROM EUR 12.76 incl. tax
(12.76 €/kg)
+ shipping costs
w-0153 Parapulser® Semipro Upgrade 2 -> 10 Hz
Parapulser® Semipro Upgrade 2 -> 10 Hz

Parapulser® Semipro Upgrade Upgrade code for the activation from the base version (2 Hz) to the Semipro ver...
special price!
FROM EUR 84.15 incl. tax
+ shipping costs
w-0232 heartbite - Espressano 250 g
heartbite - Espressano 250 g

Special price because of expired best of date: 4.95 instead of 8.95 €. Hardly noticeable quality loss. Offer l...
special price!
FROM EUR 4.46 incl. tax
(1.78 €/100 g)
+ shipping costs
w-0176 ArgiPlus® Performance Booster 500 g
ArgiPlus® Performance Booster 500 g

ArgiPlus® Performance Booster for Sport and Recreation The fit maker! Nutritional supplement for sports...
special price!
FROM EUR 47.96 incl. tax
(95.92 €/kg)
+ shipping costs
w-0227 heartbite - finest dark xylitol chocolate 1500 g
heartbite - finest dark xylitol chocolate 1500 g

Love at first bite! Finest dark chocolate with 70% cocoa and 30% xylitol = 100% healthy. The attractive de...
special price!
FROM EUR 22.60 incl. tax
(15.07 €/kg)
+ shipping costs
w-0229 heartbite - finest xylitol orange jam 370 g
heartbite - finest xylitol orange jam 370 g

58% non treated, non fertilized oranges + 42% xylitol = 100% healthy. Incomparable summer freshness - right f...
special price!
FROM EUR 3.96 incl. tax
(1.07 €/100 g)
+ shipping costs
w-0152 purZone® PRO Ozonator
purZone® PRO Ozonator

purZone® multi function ozonator 3000 mg/h. Very compact ozone generator Highlights of the purZone® PRO o...
special price!
FROM EUR 359.10 incl. tax
free shipping (*)
w-0219 heartbite - finest dark xylitol chocolate 100 g
heartbite - finest dark xylitol chocolate 100 g

Love at first bite! Finest dark chocolate with 70% cocoa and 30% xylitol = 100% healthy. Dark heartbite xy...
special price!
FROM EUR 1.79 incl. tax
(1.79 €/100 g)
+ shipping costs
w-0217 Xylimed® X-Prebiose prebioticum 100 g
Xylimed® X-Prebiose prebioticum 100 g

High-purity X-Prebiose packed in convenient 100 g bags X-Prebiose is derived from Xylose and is a dietary fib...
special price!
FROM EUR 11.65 incl. tax
(11.65 €/100 g)
+ shipping costs
w-0590 Drinking water canister PETG
Drinking water canister PETG

Our new Water canister is the ideal supplement for the reverse osmosis filter Purosmart. We recommend to buy ...
special price!
FROM EUR 11.24 incl. tax
+ shipping costs
w-0128 SAFER HOME room harmonizer
SAFER HOME room harmonizer

The SAFER HOME Space Harmonizer consists of four individual information carriers, made of ceramic, which are...
special price!
FROM EUR 179.10 incl. tax
free shipping (*)
w-0094 InfraCur® TDP mineral plate 14,95 €
InfraCur® TDP mineral plate 14,95 €

Replacement plate for the InfraCur® TDP radiator, lasts for about 1000 operating hours (about 1 year at 3 hour...
special price!
FROM EUR 13.46 incl. tax
+ shipping costs
w-0650 Travel thermos bottle
Travel thermos bottle

Exceptional design and functionality: Double wall stainless steel thermos bottle 400 ml with screwing cap. ...
special price!
FROM EUR 8.07 incl. tax
+ shipping costs
w-0358 Aquaphaser® Flow T-Connector for Eckventil
Aquaphaser® Flow T-Connector for Eckventil

The Aquaphaser flow is resistant to pressure of the water feed pipeline. That's why a under the sink "T&q...
special price!
FROM EUR 10.80 incl. tax
+ shipping costs
w-0247 NU LIFE tongue scraper
NU LIFE tongue scraper

Tongue scraper for the daily mouth care. Application: Use in the morning for general body detoxification. Ad...
special price!
FROM EUR 4.49 incl. tax
+ shipping costs
w-0235 Pinhole glasses with bag
Pinhole glasses with bag

Design pinhole glasses: "See sharp", regardless of your eye sight. With sun glasses effect. Pinho...
special price!
FROM EUR 8.46 incl. tax
+ shipping costs
w-0233 SteviaWell Liquid

SteviaWell liquid. Ingredients: Sodium hydrogen carbonate, steviol glycosides (of which 90% Rebaudiosid-A),...
special price!
FROM EUR 3.59 incl. tax
+ shipping costs
w-0203 SteviaWell 300 tabs
SteviaWell 300 tabs

Stevia Tabs 300 pcs. / 18 g Ingredients: Sodium hydrogen carbonate, steviol glycosides (of which 90% Rebaud...
special price!
FROM EUR 5.39 incl. tax
(29.94 €/100 g)
+ shipping costs
w-0189 DMSO dimethyl sulfoxide 99,5% 100 ml
DMSO dimethyl sulfoxide  99,5% 100 ml

DMSO Dimethylsulfoxide Universal multi-purpose solvent 100 ml, 99,5% purity Sealed PET dropper bottle. Minim...
special price!
FROM EUR 4.67 incl. tax
(4.45 €/100 g)
+ shipping costs
w-0132 HRP High Resonance Processor
HRP High Resonance Processor

Thesis: All informations about the inner structure of an energetic system can be read via its border line or e...
special price!
FROM EUR 19.96 incl. tax
+ shipping costs
w-0130 Faraday - Handy smog protection against micro waves
Faraday - Handy smog protection against micro waves

99% physical protection against handy microwave radiation. Best note in Ökotest 12/05! Single disadvantage: do...
special price!
FROM EUR 44.96 incl. tax
+ shipping costs
w-0095 Reflex-IR far infrared insole
Reflex-IR far infrared insole

The Reflex-IR Far infrared shoe insole The wellbeing of the feet ? the foundation of a successful working d...
special price!
FROM EUR 5.36 incl. tax
+ shipping costs
w-0093 Infrared Sauna passive element
Infrared Sauna passive element

Infrarot Sauna Passiv-Element. Die Beschichtung des 40 x 40 cm Passivelements enthält eine patentierte Mischu...
special price!
FROM EUR 44.10 incl. tax
+ shipping costs
w-0092 InfraCur® IR-Pad I - Far-infrared heating pad
InfraCur® IR-Pad I - Far-infrared heating pad

Medical device class II for treatment of arthritis, pain, back and neck stiffness. With the InfraCur® heat...
special price!
FROM EUR 169.15 incl. tax
free shipping (*)
w-0066 Battery charger (4fold)
Battery charger (4fold)

Universal battery charger for AA and AAA rechargeable batteries. Functions: Charge - Discharge - Test
special price!
FROM EUR 3.59 incl. tax
+ shipping costs
w-0061 Xtensor® - arm/ hand/ finger exerciser
Xtensor® - arm/ hand/ finger exerciser

Exercise improves Joint Range of Motion (ROM) and is one of the BEST methods to help your hands feel and funct...
special price!
FROM EUR 22.45 incl. tax
+ shipping costs
w-0058 Aquaphaser® Flow
Aquaphaser® Flow

The Aquaphaser flow is a water ionizer with permanently high ionization power of pH 10 and ORP of -550 mV, whi...
special price!
FROM EUR 899.10 incl. tax
free shipping (*)
w-0020 Purasan® Sap Sheet 10 pcs.
Purasan® Sap Sheet 10 pcs.

The PURASAN® sap sheet is the oldest and most sold sap sheet in Japan with more than 100 million sales per yea...
special price!
FROM EUR 10.16 incl. tax
+ shipping costs
w-0011 SilenChi - Chi Machine
SilenChi - Chi Machine

SilenChi® is a strong and powerful chi machine, very silent and durable due to a mounting suspension with cera...
special price!
FROM EUR 254.15 incl. tax
free shipping (*)
w-0007 vibrAlive® Home Trainer plus
vibrAlive® Home Trainer plus

The vibrAlive® Power massager is effective already when using it 2 x daily for 5 minutes. It strengthens body ...
special price!
FROM EUR 197.10 incl. tax
free shipping (*)
Item 1-32 from 32
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