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PuroFast 100 GPD reverse osmosis travel filter
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One of the smallest RO systems
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Aquapur® drinking water disinfection
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Aquaphaser® - alkaline water

Aquaphaser® water separator, alkaline water

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Aquaphaser® - alkaline water

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Aquaphaser® accessories

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c-0047 Storage solution for Aquaphaser pH/ORP testing equipment
Storage solution for Aquaphaser pH/ORP testing equipment

Calibration and storage solution , which ensures a long life of the electrode. It is simply poured into the...
EUR 13.75 incl. tax
+ shipping costs
w-0358 Aquaphaser® Flow T-Connector for Eckventil
Aquaphaser® Flow T-Connector for Eckventil

The Aquaphaser flow is resistant to pressure of the water feed pipeline. That's why a under the sink "T&q...
special price!
FROM EUR 10.80 incl. tax
+ shipping costs
r-0040 Device repair - flat rate
Device repair - flat rate

We repair your broken Aquaphaser, purZone, miniZAP, Para Pulser for a flat fee. If larger components are defe...
EUR 45.00 incl. tax
+ shipping costs
w-0444 Switch timer short time 220 V
Switch timer short time 220 V

Universale Kurzzeit-Zeitschaltuhr, 0-120 Min. einstellbar mit Stellrad, unterbricht danach den Strom.
FROM EUR 4.75 incl. tax
+ shipping costs
w-0045 alkaTEST® - alkalinity and mineral test stick
alkaTEST® - alkalinity and mineral test stick

The alkaTEST ® alkalinity test is a unique and lightning fast method to measure the status quo of alkalinity ...
FROM EUR 13.46 incl. tax
+ shipping costs
w-0146 Aquaphaser pH/ORP Tester
Aquaphaser pH/ORP Tester

pH - ORP - temperature measurement device Display of pH, temperature and (optional!) ORP (redox / mV) value...
FROM EUR 33.96 incl. tax
+ shipping costs
w-0044 Aquamin® Calcium Magnesium Potassium 100 g
Aquamin® Calcium Magnesium Potassium 100 g

Water soluable mineral composition Additive product for the Aquaphaser® in a ratio of 2:1. Addition of ...
FROM EUR 7.16 incl. tax
(7.16 €/100 g)
+ shipping costs
w-0058 Aquaphaser® Flow
Aquaphaser® Flow

The Aquaphaser flow is a water ionizer with permanently high ionization power of pH 10 and ORP of -550 mV, whi...
special price!
FROM EUR 899.10 incl. tax
free shipping (*)
w-0040 Aquaphaser® batch water ionizer with two silver electrodes
Aquaphaser® batch water ionizer with two silver electrodes

Powerful batch water ionizer with optional colloidal silver function From now on: we can only supply Aquaph...
FROM EUR 269.10 incl. tax
free shipping (*)
w-0600 Polycarbonate bottle Lexan 25 pcs. non printed
Polycarbonate bottle Lexan 25 pcs. non printed

Drinking bottle from polycarbonate / Lexan ? 25 pcs. non printed Accompanying product for the Aquaphaser® ...
FROM EUR 93.72 incl. tax
free shipping (*)
w-0351 pheal® bottle
pheal® bottle

Water soluable nutritional supplement - non hazardous material Accompanying product for the Aquaphaser® ....
FROM EUR 7.61 incl. tax
+ shipping costs
Item 1-11 from 11
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