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PuroFast 100 GPD reverse osmosis travel filter
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One of the smallest RO systems
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Beck Zapper Pulser Ozonator Silver
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Beck Zapper Pulser Ozonator Silver

miniZAP®, miniSilver®, proZone®, SOTA® Pulser

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Beck Zapper Pulser Ozonator Silver

---> Beck Auxiliary Products (11)
Auxiliary products for miniZAP, purZone, Parapulser, miniSilver
Beck Auxiliary Products

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w-0459 Family Inhalator
Family Inhalator

Technical data: Power supply: 220 V ~ 240 V 50/60 Hz Power consumption: 15 W Dimensions: 170 x 240 x ...
FROM EUR 41.23 incl. tax
+ shipping costs
w-0369 PurZone® - replacement tube
PurZone® - replacement tube

PurZone® tube Length: 1 meter Material: Tygoon Colour: transparent. Replacement part for PurZone®...
EUR 4.50 incl. tax
+ shipping costs
w-0317 Tesla Tower Magnetic pulser - rent option
Tesla Tower Magnetic pulser - rent option

Tesla Tower - Magnetic Pulser acc. Beck Rent: 90, - € per started month, at least one month. Deposit: 50...
EUR 590.00 incl. tax
free shipping (*)
w-0316 Tesla Tower Magnetic pulser - Beck Double pulser
Tesla Tower Magnetic pulser - Beck Double pulser

Tesla Tower - Magnetic Double Pulser acc. Beck The Tesla Tower (2018) is the most powerful magnetic pulse...
EUR 1399.00 incl. tax
free shipping (*)
w-0359 purZone® Beck Ozonator p-500
purZone® Beck Ozonator p-500

purZone® ozonator p-500 500 mg/h. Ozone generator with excellent price/performance ratio. Ozone: Adds d...
FROM EUR 118.15 incl. tax
free shipping (*)
w-0118 smartZAP Magnetic applicator
smartZAP Magnetic applicator

Universal magnetic flat coil for the smartZAP with diverse application fields, e.g.: Information of nosodes ...
FROM EUR 62.96 incl. tax
+ shipping costs
w-0155 Parapulser® pulse contingent 100K
Parapulser® pulse contingent 100K

Parapulser® pulse contingent 100K Pulse contingent of 100,000 pulses, which is used up at frequencies over ...
FROM EUR 7.59 incl. tax
+ shipping costs
w-0154 Parapulser® PRO Upgrade 2 -> 20 Hz
Parapulser® PRO Upgrade 2 -> 20 Hz

Parapulser® PRO Upgrade Upgrade Code for the activation from the basic version (2 Hz) to the PRO version (2...
FROM EUR 424.15 incl. tax
free shipping (*)
w-0153 Parapulser® Semipro Upgrade 2 -> 10 Hz
Parapulser® Semipro Upgrade 2 -> 10 Hz

Parapulser® Semipro Upgrade Upgrade code for the activation from the base version (2 Hz) to the Semipro ver...
special price!
FROM EUR 84.15 incl. tax
+ shipping costs
w-0152 purZone® PRO Ozonator
purZone® PRO Ozonator

purZone® multi function ozonator 3000 mg/h. Very compact ozone generator Highlights of the purZone® PRO o...
special price!
FROM EUR 359.10 incl. tax
free shipping (*)
w-0112 Parapulser® Magnetic pulser - Beck pulser
Parapulser® Magnetic pulser - Beck pulser

Parapulser® - Magnetic Pulser according to Dr. Beck Thanks to its vast frequency spectrum, for the first ...
EUR 399.00 incl. tax
free shipping (*)
w-0040 Aquaphaser® batch water ionizer with two silver electrodes
Aquaphaser® batch water ionizer with two silver electrodes

Powerful batch water ionizer with optional colloidal silver function From now on: we can only supply Aquaph...
FROM EUR 269.10 incl. tax
free shipping (*)
w-0108 miniZAP® LCD - Beck Zapper / blood zapper
miniZAP® LCD - Beck Zapper / blood zapper

Attention overseas buyers: Please check below FAQ for overseas orders World's first Beck Zapper with LCD di...
FROM EUR 254.15 incl. tax
free shipping (*)
w-0110 miniSilver® - colloidal silver generator
miniSilver® - colloidal silver generator

The miniSilver® generator for colloidal silver offers one of the cheapest methods for producing high quality...
FROM EUR 42.46 incl. tax
+ shipping costs
Item 1-14 from 14
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