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w-0311 :: PuroFast 100 GPD reverse osmosis travel filter


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Artikelnummer: w-0311

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EUR 79,00 incl. tax   
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Reverse osmosis - taste the difference!

The PuroFast removes salts, lime, lead, bacteria and viruses on the basis of reverse osmosis, a molecular separation process.

  • Mobile, mounted everywhere in seconds. Ideal for vacation, second home, short rent, hotel, travel.
  • Indestructible. No maintenance. Constant performance over years.
  • Economical. Only 0,025 EUR operating costs per litre. Constant waste water ratio. No rubber pressure tank or plastic tank as collecting tank.

    Why reverse osmosis?
    One of the biggest advantages of limescale removal is the reduced surface tension and the associated higher dissolving power and penetration depth of the water (corresponds to 95 °C hot water) as well as the higher saturation and transport capacity.
  • Decalcification of tanks and cookers is not necessary.
  • A lime-free kettle works faster and more economically (lime layer insulates heat).

    Scope of delivery:
  • PuroFast 100 GPD RO travel filter with 2 x 80 cm tubes and pre-mounted two-way-valve (TWV).
  • 1 gallon drinking water canister PETG.
  • extension (for taps with internal thread).
  • Wall bracket.

    Technical data:
  • dimensions: diameter 5 cm, height 30 cm
  • weight: 300 g
  • operating pressure: 2.3 - 6.5 bar
  • further filters: none.
  • Connections: above via two-way valve: raw water; below central: permeate (filtrate); below lateral: concentrate (waste water).
  • Membrane: TFC type with > 95% rejection rate and 100 GPD throughput (up to 0.27 l/min, pressure dependent).
  • permeat/concentrate ratio 1:5 for maximum rejection rate and lifetime.

    Purofast 100 GPD in action

    Restrictions for operation:
  • Reverse osmosis works with pressure and dams the water! A reverse osmosis filter must therefore not be operated on unpressurized water heaters (found in many old buildings and offices), as these will leak immediately due to the overpressure!

    Frequently asked questions:
  • Total lifetime of the PuroSmart filter?
    10 years and more
  • total capacity of the membrane (litres)?
    Undetermined. We estimate at least 20 000 litres or 5-8 years. The more regularly the membrane is used, the better it remains flushed, the longer it paradoxically lasts.
  • Overall performance of the optional activated carbon prefilter?
    Depending on the chlorine content! AK filters can absorb large amounts of chlorine.
  • Will the Purofast still work after years of non-use? Try it out! If necessary, replace dried membrane (available separately).
  • Will it clog up with more heavily polluted water (e.g. old well)?
    Yes, if the water does not comply with the TVO (especially with regard to iron and sediment content).
    Nothing, everything is included (see scope of delivery), and there are no exchange parts. For chlorinated water an optional AK pre-filter is required.
  • Isn't a filtrate/effluent ratio of 1:5 very wasteful? No. Because it is necessary for maximum life and rejection rate. If we were to reduce it to 1:2, the membrane pressure would increase and inevitably more lime would be forced through the membrane pores, which has a negative effect on the overall result. In relation to the direct and above all indirect water consumption through normal consumption (one toilet flush 5 litres, hundreds of litres per kg of food), the additional waste water produced when producing a few litres of drinking water is negligible from an ecological point of view. And economically even more so with an average water price of 5,- € per cubic meter.
  • Are glass containers not better than plastic containers for the filter water? It all depends on the plastic! PETG is free of pores and plasticizers. It does not accumulate algae, does not smell and is chemically stable. When these potential disadvantages are no longer present, the advantages make the use of our handy, indestructible, compact canister a no-brainer.

    Differences and similarities with the Purosmart:
  • With the optional 3/4" adapter the PuroFast can also be connected to any 3/4" tap, e.g. in the cellar.
  • The PuroFast has no built-in activated carbon/sediment pre-filter. However, these are optionally available. Pre-filters do not improve the filtered water, but only serve to protect the membrane. An activated carbon pre-filter is only required if the tap water is chlorinated (as is the case throughout the USA and in Southern Europe). In Northern Europe, no bacterially contaminated surface water is used, but groundwater, so chlorination is only necessary in rare exceptional cases (recognizable by taste and smell).

    Free shipping due to a order value of 100.00 when delivering to Germany.

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    2 of 2 customers found the following review helpful:

    Critic Sandra Gebhard from Köln, Deutschland wrote at 23.01.2020

    Der PuroFast ist wirklich fast!
    Das Gerät war selbst für mich kinderleicht zu montieren und war auf Anhieb bombendicht! Kleine Anregung: noch zwei, drei kleine Kabelbinder standardmäßig mit dabei, um den Schlauch des Umschaltventils am Hahn entlang bis zum Gerät an der Wand zu befestigen, würden den Lieferumfang abrunden.

    Die Filtergeschwindigkeit ist schwindelerregend hoch und macht dem Gerätenamen alle Ehre. Selbst unser Kochwasser kann ich jetzt nebenbei filtern und auch den Hund, sowie sämtliche Zimmer- und Balkonpflanzen mit weichem, kalkfreiem Wasser versorgen.

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