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Aquapur® drinking water disinfection
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w-0134 :: Aquapur® drinking water disinfectant 100 ml

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Artikelnummer: w-0134

EUR 19,98 incl. tax   
(6.15 €/100 g)
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ATTENTION: Can only be shipped to the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Italy, Norway, Poland, Switzerland, Slovenia, Spain and Portugal.

Aquapur® combi set incl. activator

"Chlorine dioxide is the most powerful germ fighter know to mankind." (American Society for Analytical Chemistry, 1999)

Aquapur (25% sodium chlorite mineral salt) reacts with activator (salt acid) to chlorine dioxide, one of the most powerful disinfectants.

Combi product come with:

  • 1 x 100 ml sodium chlorite (25%)
  • 1 x 100 ml salt acid (9%, non-harmful, non-labelling-obliged)

    Minimum shelf life: two years.

    Advantages of Aquapur:
  • 25% concentration*.
  • Originally sealed, shock proof PET bottles.
  • 9% HCl activator, saves weight and volume, allows a simplified 1:1 mixture, reduces reaction time down to 5 seconds**.
  • Low price.

    *See Aquapur FAQ.

    ** A complete ClO2 reaction with 1:1 drops executes in 5 seconds. A time measurement is not necessary.

    Mix 6 drop Aquapur with 6 drops activator directly in the bottle cap and dillute on 1 liter water.

    The sodiumchlorite concentration in aquapur is 25% (+- 0,25%), the salt amount is 0%, sodium hydroxide below 1%.

  • Salt acid (9%) is the only bio compatible* acid, which is legally allowed as activating acid of sodium chlorite for drinking water purification purposes. NaClO2 is completely transformed into ClO2, whereby salt acid decomposes into salt and water and doesn't leave any harmful acidic residues behind.
    * Salt acid is natural component of stomach acid.

  • PET special bottle lye proof, UV resistant, extremely shock proof.

  • Originality closure with tear off ring prevents accidential leaking before first use.

  • No bottle colouring.The transparent bottles allow an easy level control. A UV protection through an extra colouring is not needed.

  • The tight fitting dropping insert allows more exact dosage than pipette closures and avoids accicential leaking.

  • 100% "Made in Germany".

    Additional informations:

  • Aquapur is a slightly yellowish lye with pH about 12 (Attention: irrititating liquid, see warning notes on the package).

  • The concentration of a NaClO2 liquid compares to its oxidation potential, which is determined by redox titration. The dillution in calcium free water is favourable, because it doesn't affect the oxidation potential. We recommend our Purosmart reverse osmois mini filter (category water filters).


    New Aquapur website:

    Important note for pharmacy customers:
    The old PZN 06471462 listed a product named "MMS Aquapur". This label is no longer circulating. The product under the new PZN 10793639 is called only "Aquapur drinking water disinfection".

    Free shipping due to a order value of 100.00 when delivering to Germany.

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