MMS aquapur - drinking water purification with sodium chlorite

The mineral salt sodium chlorite - reveals one of the most effective methods for drinking water treatment.

Wtih our new product Aquapur we present a daily life optimized set with many advantages:
  • Simple and precise dosage of the activator of 1:1.
  • Abundant 150 ml of NaClO2 with true 25% concentration.
  • 9% salt acid as activator for seconds fast reaction without acid residues.
  • Practical, unbreakable PET bottle with originality closure.
  • Clear product classification.
  • Unbeatable price.

    Order the combination set as first equipment or some single bottles.
    We recommend the Purosmart reverse osmosis mini filter as add-on, to produce lime free water. The absense of calcium / magnesium in the water preserves the full oxidative power of MMS aquapur.

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