How you place an order in our shop
1. If you want to purchase any product, you have to open an account. For this, click on the lower left side, right below "Customer login" on New Account). On the following page, you must enter your address and email. After opening the account, all detailed information to the items appear, as well as the cart button

2. Select your products and place them into the cart, using said button.

3. Click on the upper right corner on Checkout, to see the cart

4. On the first order page, you can cash any coupon codes (don't forget to click on update thereafter)

5. On the next side, you enter your payment informations, as well as a diverging shipping address.

Attention: Swiss customers can have delivered their goods to German address near Swiss border: That's cheaper, despite of German VAT, which you can have refunded upon returning the custom stamped invoice back to us.

6. At the end you just confirm all your statements and our terms of delivery and effectuate the order and the payment processing.

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