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Tesla Tower - Magnetic Double Pulser acc. Beck

The Tesla Tower (2018) is the most powerful magnetic pulser according to Dr. Robert C. Beck, ever to hit the market. Its special mark: the magnetic pulses are so powerful, that for the first time you can sense the inductive current as gentle electric strokes.

  • Magnetic field strength: 1.8 Tesla (Parapulser: 0.66 T).
  • Capacitor capacity: 420 μF (Parapulser: 5 μF).
  • double coil: two coils on one device, i. double surface treatment at a time, parallel with two coils. One large coil for wide area application (also for bigger animals) with very strong induction, a smaller one for head part and local application.
  • The individual magnet pulses are so strong that inductive current can be felt as electric discharge inside the body. Action reach of Tesla Tower field: 13,5 cm. Paralpulser: 2-4 cm (see comparison video).
  • 5 years waranty without extra costs.

    Demo Video
    The pules reach at a magnetic field strength of over 1.5 Tesla and make a standing battery shake, as you can see in the comparison between a Tesla Tower and a Parapulser.

    Video: Parapulser vs. Tesla Tower (please activate Engl. or Ger. sub titles via youtube menue settings!). As you can see, the Parapulser makes the battery only shivering from 4 cm distance. The TT model in the video was one of the first. The new professional device releases a mega double pulse every 2.5 seconds.

    100% Made in Germany

    The Tesla Tower is being assembled entirely in Germany, it was designed for high performance on professional level.

    Performance data

    Pulse frequency: 1 double coil pulse every 2-3 seconds.
    Mag. Flux density: 1.8 Tesla. Pro-Version: more than 2 Tesla.
    Pulse rise time: 1.5 ms.
    Pulse drop time: 1.5 ms.


    Box size: 150 x 200 x 150 mm.
    Weight of coil (s): 1 kg (small coil), 2 kg (large coil).
    Total weight: 5 kg (2 kg device, 3 kg coils)
    Power consumption: 75 W
    Input voltage: 110-220 V AC
    Plug type: EU

    The PRO version has a stronger loading cascade (24 µF) and stronger capacitor (420 instead of 310 µF), which means that it's pulsing at 2 instead of 4 seconds and has a 20% higher magnetic field strength. Moreover the PRO device comes with a special heavy duty coil (the bigger of the two includes coils) and is suitable for continuous use (doesn't overheat anymore).

    The multi-version has a slightly weaker charge cascade, but a choice of pulse duration, or sharpness, approximated to the known Rife frequencies of 728 Kz, or 2127 Hz. Despite the weaker cascade, it provides an extremely noticeable pulse which will blow you away.

    The Travel version, like the multi-device, has only one coil, no plug, but fixed coil and is a bit slower. Nevertheless, the small device generates a clearly noticeable pulse.

    Attention - special offer: We will accept your old Parapulser in return payment
    . Send your old device and enter the following discount codes into the shopping cart:

    Parapulser base unit (value: 250, - €): PP2TT
    Parapulser Semipro device (10 Hz continuous frequency, value 300, - €): PP2TT_SP
    Parapulser PRO device (20 Hz continuous frequency, value 500, - €): PP2TT_PRO

    You can transmit us the serial number of your old device via the shopping cart's remark field.

    ATTENTION: Delivery time can last up to 2 weks, because mass production is just starting at this point (4/18).

    Free shipping due to a order value of 100.00 when delivering to Germany.

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