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Parapulser® Magnetic pulser - Beck pulser

Artikel: w-0112

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Artikelnummer: w-0112

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Parapulser® - Magnetic Pulser according to Dr. Beck

Attention: Price increase from 299 to 359 € since 9.8.2021 due to worldwide price increase of electronic components by 30%. Due to the supply bottlenecks, further price increases can unfortunately not be ruled out. The economic crisis has now also reached us.

Thanks to its vast frequency spectrum, for the first time, a frequency-modulated induction treatment became possible (eg, solar plexus with Schumann frequency of 7.84 Hz).

World's smallest and most powerful pulser

As compact and simple as the Parapulser® is in its handling, as versatile and powerful it is. At maximum pulse frequency (20 Hz), the induction capacity of the Parapulser® exceeds that of the previous market leader, the MPG5 Beck magnetic pulser, at least by a factor of 80. This new dimension of performance was considered to be technically impossible (eg because of the heat generation).

Parapulser = time machine

In only 5 minutes, a complete induction-/frequency program can be completed several times a day, for which one would need many hours with existing equipment (MPG5).

Made in Germany

The Parapulser® is manufactured entirely in Germany, which ensures high reliability and robust construction. Like the famous miniZAP® blood electrifier according to Dr. Beck, the Parapulser®, too, is a product of years of development and optimization

Special features of the Parapulser

  • Creation of magnetic pulses at pulse frequencies of 1-20 Hz (pulse rate. 60 - 1200 / min.).
  • Default frequencies: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 and 20 Hz.
  • 12 memory locations for more frequencies at an accurately of three decimal places (eg Schumann frequency of 7.84 Hz).
  • Extremely strong magnetic flux density of each magnetic pulse of 0.66 Tesla (6600 Gauss).
  • Accelerated pulse edges for double-pulse effectiveness.
  • Push-button adjustable magnetic pole: north pole, south pole, alternating pole.
  • Up to 10,000 magnetic pulses can be generated without overheating shutdown.
  • Acoustic pulse counter for precise dosage control.
  • Fixed counting intervals: 10, 50 and 100 magnetic pulses.
  • Programmable counting interval: 10-9999 magnetic pulses.
  • Volume of the sound signals in 5 steps.
  • Volume of operating signals.
  • Volume for acoustic pulse counter.
  • Temperature monitoring of the magnet coil.
  • Lifetime of the pulse capacitor: 5 billion magnetic pulses.
  • strap for safe handling (Protection from falling).
  • Future-proof due to software update.
  • Runs on 12V power supply.

    Cost model

    The Parapulser® has a very flexible cost model, that meets every performance requirement.

    The basic unit obtaines at 2 Hz already a 5-10 times higher induction capacity than all known low-cost pulsers (see comparison).

    The optional Semipro upgrade covers with up to 10 Hz also frequencies like the harmonic Schumann frequency (7.84 Hz) on a permanent basis.

    The optional PRO upgrade is aimed at the professional user who requires at long term the maximum frequency of 20 Hz for substantial time savings: 6000 pulses of power application within 5 min (interrupted only by a cooling break of around 5 minutes at room temperature).

    The basic unit and the Semipro upgrade allow to use the entire frequency range up to the maximum frequency of 20 Hz at an affordable price, by purchase of pulse contigents. In both versions, when shipped, a free pulse contigent of 200,000 pulses is available (33 power applications).

    Induction comparison

    Comparing the Parapulser® base unit with the strongest pulser so far, the MPG5 of SOTA, reveals the following differences:

    Pulse frequency: 2.00 Hz / 0.2315 Hz = PP is 8.64 times faster
    Mag flux density: 0.664 T / 0.632 T = PP is 1.05 times stronger
    Pulse raise: 0.469 ms / 0.953 ms = PP is 2.03 x faster
    Pulse fall: 0.512 ms / 4.532 ms = PP is 8.85 times faster
    Pulse steepness overall difference: 2.03 + 8.85 = PP is 10.88 x steeper.

    The Parapulser ® base unit contains, in its 2 Hz basic license a 5- 10fold induction performance, compared to the SOTA Pulser. Accordingly, the Pro License with 20 Hz provides an approximately 80fold induction performance. Precise measurements (at different distances from the coil) are to be published shortly (summer 2012).

    * Magnetic induction is the generation of an electric current in a conductive medium, resulting from the fact that a changing magnetic field moves electrically charged particles (electrons / ions) (= law of induction). A current generated in this way is called therefore "induced current". With the help of induction currents, certain effects can be exerted on the tissue and the body cells. The induction capacity i.e., the amount of energy that can be generated per time unit is directly dependent on the pulse frequency (in Hz), the rate of change of magnetic flux density (dT / dt), and the duration of the magnetic field change (in milliseconds).

    For the application to the body, the following factors are crucial: a) A rapid change of the magnetic field, i.e., possibly rapid build-up and desctruction of the magnetic field, because the greater is the induced current in the body and thus its effectiveness. b) A high maximum flux density, because this is decisive for the depth of the magnetic pulse. The magnetic field decreases with the cube of the distance!

    Time comparison

    Treatment with a commercially available magnetic pulser was characterized by extremely long waiting times (= capacitor-charging time of 2-5 seconds between pulses). The Parapulser heralds a new age: The induction, which the SOTA pulser delivers in 20 minutes (1200 seconds) with 350 pulses, is reached by the Parapulser® at its maximum level in just 15 seconds. Other way, the comparison is even more drastic: For the induction, which the Parapulser® builds up in just 5 minutes within the body, the MPG5 would need a treatment period of 350 minutes or 5.8 hours. If you add a cooling- down period of 5 minutes per 20 minutes pulse operation, that would add another 1.5 hrs to the overall continuous use of the MPG5.

    Price comparison

    The Parapulser® provides already in the 2 Hz basic version an approximately eightfold higher induction capacity than the Sota pulser, but costs only 21% more.

    Performance data

    Pulse frequency: 1 up to 20 Hz.
    Mag. flux density: 0.66 T.
    Pulse raise time: 0.82 ms.
    Pulse fall time: 0.72 ms.

    L: 214 mm, W: 62 mm, height coil head: 65.7 mm.
    Total weight: 875 g
    Coil weight: 575 g
    Power consumption: 2 -45 W (standby 0.5 W).
    Input voltage: 10 - 16 V DC
    Power adapter: 110 - 220 V AC.
    Power adapter plug: EU. Universal plug adapter for GB and USA available in this shop!
    Operation on rechargeable batteries: optional.

    To the Parapulser website

    Attention special deal: We take your old magnetic pulser as partial payment, at 50-80 ?, depending on condition. Send us your old device, you will receive a credit or optionally a voucher code over a 10% higher amount (60-90 ?).

    Free shipping due to a order value of 100.00 when delivering to Germany.

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