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w-0020 :: Purasan® Sap Sheet 10 pcs.


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Artikelnummer: w-0020

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The PURASAN® sap sheet is the oldest and most sold sap sheet in Japan with more than 100 million sales per year. The original sap sheet is patented and has many advantages compared to me-too products and copy cats.

  • One-Touch-System: ingredients sheet and sticker are integrated, no hassle with sticking together
  • Each sheet is sealed separately, prevents drying out when stored for longer time
  • Double sheet layer: no watery ingredients are released, no dirty feet or bedclothes in the morning
  • Only 10% dextrin (filler) but 70% tree vinegar, 20% herbs. That's far more than in any other sap sheet.
  • Excellent cost-performance ratio

    Purasan® Vitalpflaster enthalten sechs (!) Baumessigvarianten:
  • Weißeiche
  • Buche
  • Japanische Eiche
  • Pinie
  • Holunder
  • Angellcae gigantis radix

    Desweiteren enthält das Kräuterpflaster 18 more different herbs:

  • Anis
  • Basilikum
  • Bergamotte
  • Eukalyptus
  • Fenchel
  • Grüne Minze
  • Kamille
  • Kümmel
  • Koriander
  • Storchschnabel/Geranium
  • Lavendel
  • Majoran
  • Muskat
  • Peppermint
  • Rosmarin
  • Salbei
  • Thymian
  • Uiko

    Durch die große Vielfalt an Inhaltsstoffen (insbesondere Baumessigvarianten) wird ein starker Oxidations-Effekt erreicht (Tiefenwärme).

    Free shipping due to a order value of 100.00 when delivering to Germany.

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