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miniZAP® LCD - Beck Zapper / blood zapper

Artikel: w-0108

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Artikelnummer: w-0108
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Attention overseas buyers: Please check below FAQ for overseas orders

Attention: Price increase from 299 € to 359 € since 9.8.2021 due to worldwide price increase of electronic components by 30%. Due to the supply bottlenecks, further price increases can unfortunately not be ruled out. The economic crisis has now also reached us.

World's first Beck Zapper with LCD display. Our topseller with rapidly growing worldwide customer base. Exclusive dealers wanted!

Check out the link "DETAILED INFORMATIONS on this product" and "More infos (PDF)" for all the improvements of the LCD version versus the standard model which will soon be discontinued.

The miniZAP® LCD is a Dr. Robert C. Beck Zapper and the world's smallest yet most advanced blood zapper (blood purifier device). The miniZAP® LCD is carried like a wrist watch and sets new standards in regard to flexibility, economy and comfort. Completely Made in Germany. Contrary to the so called "Clark Zapper" the miniZAP® LCD is a pure "Beck Zapper" and is not based on bioresonance or radionics but on direct electrification of the blood stream.

The world?s smallest and smartest blood zapper:
"Cool and unobtrusive to wear."

With a 1000 µA output current the miniZAP LCD is a powerful device (600 µA are already the pain limit, even with conductivity gel).

Parts list:
  • 1 miniZAP® LCD Beck Zapper with battery
  • 2 gold electrodes (22K)
  • 1 electrode cable
  • 1 velcro wrist band
  • 1 gel tube 50 ml
  • 1 manual in German and English

    Technical data:
    Size: (L/W/H) 63 / 35 / 12 mm
    Weight: 23 g
    Battery life: 3 months (2 x daily 2 hrs at 250 µA)
    Battery type: standard CR 2032 (available everywhere)

    Advantages of the miniZAP® LCD
  • No "cable mess" because worn on the wrist
  • Extremely low maintenance and support requirements (self-explaining, self-testing)
  • The only device with Constant Current Control (CCC) of 100%
  • Up to 35 V output voltage
  • Output current adjustable seemlessly
  • Gold electrodes
  • Opto-acustical operation and error signals
  • Intelligent Error Management (IEM)
  • Extremely efficient energy consumption

    The miniZAP® according to Dr. Beck is a microprocessor-controlled Beck Zapper (blood zapper) which emanates subtle current impulses through two gold electrodes via the veins of the wrist into the body in order to inactivate parasites (viruses, bacteria, fungals) and to boost the immune system. Often the Beck zapper is confused with the "Clark Zapper", the latter, however, is based on a different principle: A Clark zapper basically is a bioresonance or radionic device which does not release a current (µA - micro Ampere) into the blood but rather a variety of frequencies between 30-400 kHz. The Clark Zapper is not based on patented research like the miniZAP®.

    We buy every old zapper (also Clark Zapper) if you buy a new miniZAP LCD from us. With reception of your zapper you will get a shop voucher. For old miniZAP standard devices we pay up to 150.00 ? (incl. tax, depending on version, condition and auxiliaries).

    For our topseller miniZAP® with rapidly growing customer base we are looking world wide for distributors. Use our affiliate program.

    FAQ for overseas orders

    Can I purchase the miniZAP® from outside Germany?
    Sure! If you don?t know a domestic dealer, we can ship directly to you world-wide in more than 200 countries, tax free, via DHL.
    What are the costs in USD?
    The miniZAP® LCD costs 299.00 EUR incl. tax or 251 EUR net. You can convert this into your currency with a conversion rate calculator. Freight is about 31.00 EUR net.
    Why is the miniZap listed as 269.10 on the product page and as 299.00 at checkout?
    The 269.10 are only displayed on the category?s page. It is the lowest offer for a unit, if bought in a set of 3. If you click on the item details you?ll see the discount table. The 299.00 on checkout is the single unit price, including tax. Once you enter a non-EU-country (e.g. USA) and/or your VAT#, the cart will show the tax free price on the final page.
    Which payments do you accept?
    VISA, MASTER, AMEX, Paypal, T/T (wire) and others. See shop.
    Can I purchase the battery and gel elsewhere? What are their costs?
    You can get the batteries everywhere as they are standard. The gel is special quality but you can use ordinary one, too. We recommend to order 2-3 extra batteries and gel tubes. Please look up the costs in the shop.
    Where do I look up the total costs?
    In the shopping cart at
    How long does the warranty last?
    5 years for the miniZAP ®, 1 year for the remaining parts.
    Who will repair the zapper, should it fail?
    Send it back to NU LIFE as registered letter. We?ll repair it instantly and ship it back to you free of costs (should it be a warranty case).
    How long does the shipment take?
    About 10-12 working days. If needed, we can also deliver within 24 - 48 hrs by FedEx.
    Is the zapper?s manual in English?
    Sure. Check the manual.
    With which parts does the miniZAP® LCD come?
    · 1 miniZAP® LCD Beck Zapper with battery
    · 2 gold electrodes (22K)
    · 1 electrode cable
    · 1 velcro wrist band
    · 1 gel tube 50 ml
    · 1 manual in German and English
    Are there any auxiliary products?
    We recommend the miniSilver®, the pureZone® ozonator, the Aquaphaser® water ionizer and the magnetic pulser (see shop).

    More product infos on

    Free shipping due to a order value of 100.00 when delivering to Germany.

  •  We highly recommend for this item (note: partly already included in the product!):
      miniZAP® gold electrodes for Beck Zapper FROM EUR 26.95  
       miniZAP® electrode cable FROM EUR 17.95  
      miniZAP® electrode gel 50 g FROM EUR 4.41  
      miniZAP® battery CR 2032 (Renata) FROM EUR 2.21  
      miniZAP® velcro wrist band FROM EUR 12.91  

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    Customer reviews

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    4 of 4 customers found the following review helpful:

    Reviewer Philip Mikas from Höhenkirchen-Siegertsbrunn, Deutschland wrote at 29.11.2007

    Endlich mit LCD!
    War der bisherige miniZAP schon sehr komfortabel, da komplett am Handgelenk getragen, so sind seine Meldungssignale bei Störungen (z.B. zu wenig Leitgel oder leere Batterie) nicht ohne Nachschlagen in der Anleitung entschlüsselbar.

    Jetzt ist dieses Manko auch noch behoben, die Bedienung läßt keine Wünsche mehr offen. Und das Volumen und Gewicht wurde dennoch verkleinert. Ich freue mich direkt schon auf die nächsten 6 Wochen Dauerzappen! ;-)

    » As a registered customer you can judge the review here. Please log into your existing account.

    Critic Sven Owen from Hebertshausen, Deutschland wrote at 25.01.2008

    Habe früher einen Clark-Zapper gehabt, Typ weiß ich nicht mehr, der war sehr unhandlich. Der miniZAP LCD ist wirklich sehr elegant zu tragen, superbequem wie eine Uhr. Ein echter Quantensprung!

    Die dünnen Kabel erscheinen mir etwas anfällig (die neue Kabelprüffunktion ist von daher für den Anwender sehr sinnvoll!). Wundere mich, ob die Modelle anderer Hersteller da besser abschneiden, da die Kabel sich ziemlich ähneln. Ich würde mir für ein zukünftiges Update eine völlig kabellose Version wünschen.


    » As a registered customer you can judge the review here. Please log into your existing account.

    Reviewer Peter Foller from Wien, Oesterreich wrote at 15.07.2008

    Komfortabel und leistungsstark
    Sehr geehrter Herr Mikas,
    der mini zapper LCD ist wirklich eine großartige Weiterentwicklung!
    Sehr komfortabel und leistungsstark!

    Peter Foller

    » As a registered customer you can judge the review here. Please log into your existing account.

    0 of 1 customers found the following review helpful:

    Reviewer Frank Kujath from Buchloe, Deutschland wrote at 08.10.2008

    Ich finde es wirklich erstaunlich, wie lange die kleine Batterie hält.
    Auch sonst bin ich mit dem Gerät zufrieden.
    Die max. Stromstärke von 1000 µA ist für mich ein  theoretischer Wert, der in der Praxis kaum benötigt wird. Ich kenne Leute, die halten es ab 70 µA kaum noch aus, mein Wert liegt so bei 160-180yA.  Nach dem Sport geht es besser, da ist der Körper leitfähiger. Die Handhabung des Gerätes ist praktisch und einfach, bis auf die Schwierigkeit gleich 2 Aterien  am Handgelenk zu finden.

    » As a registered customer you can judge the review here. Please log into your existing account.

    Critic/Reviewer Daniel Ashbeck from Wisconsin Rapids, USA wrote at 28.05.2009

    Increased energy
    Hello Philip!

    We received the miniZAP and both of us used it on a daily basis, with a result of increased energy and alertness. We also had recurring infections that have stopped.

    Daniel and Jeri Ashbeck

    » As a registered customer you can judge the review here. Please log into your existing account.

    Critic Angela Herrnberger from Weida, Deutschland wrote at 06.01.2010

    Ja Hallo!
    Wer kann mir denn sagen ob das Gerät das verspricht worüber hier gesprochen wird , hat sich denn schon mal jemand beim Arzt vorher und nachher einen Bluttest unterzogen ?wehre sehr hilfreich wenn einer Auskunft geben könnte.MFG Angela

    [Kommentar NU LIFE: Dieser Shop ist zwr kein Forum, aber wir können relavante Rückmeldungen von Kunden in einem persönlichen Gespräch zur Verfügung stellen.]

    » As a registered customer you can judge the review here. Please log into your existing account.

    Reviewer Stefan Kriegel from Lichtenfels, Deutschland wrote at 15.01.2011

    Ideal für den täglichen Einsatz
    Ich hatte vor dem MiniZap bereits einen Clark-Zapper, den ich auch weiterhin nutze. Aber der MiniZap ist einfach super für die tägliche Anwendung. Obwohl ich viel mit Menschen in Kontakt komme, ist dank MiniZap die Erkältungs- und Grippezeit für mich absolut kein Thema. Bedienung ist sehr einfach und komfortabel. Die Hautrötungen wo die Elektroden anlagen sind mit einem Tropfen kolloidalem Silber um nu weg. Die Elektroden bekommt man auch mit Zitronensaft (aus den gelben Plastikfläschchen) sehr gut wieder sauber. 300,- ? sind zwar eine Ansage, aber das Gerät ist wirklich jeden Cent wert. Mir bringt er sehr viel Lebensqualität zurück.

    » As a registered customer you can judge the review here. Please log into your existing account.

    0 of 1 customers found the following review helpful:

    Reviewer Vid Dobnikar from Dol pri Ljubljani, Slowenien wrote at 20.01.2011

    Wie viele µA?
    Nach Becks Meinung sollen in der Arterie 50 bis 150µA herschen. Kann jemand sagen, ob empfohlene 400µA exact 50-150µA in die Arterie liefern?
    Ansonsten ist der miniZapp super zu tragen.
    Vid Dobnikar, Slowenien

    » As a registered customer you can judge the review here. Please log into your existing account.

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