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Purosmart® Reverse osmosis travel filter

Artikel: w-0008

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Artikelnummer: w-0008

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Reverse osmosis - taste the difference!

Compare with alternative device:Purofast 100 GPD

The PuroSmart® removes salts, lime, lead, bacteria and virus through reverse osmosis, a molecular separation technology. Due to it's Dow Chemical membrane more efficiently than many bigger devices with inferiour membrane quality.

  • Extremely compact, suits ?in your trouser pocket?. Many times the only alternative for a single household.
  • Mobile, mounts within seconds to the tap. Ideal for vacation, second domicile, short stays in hotel, travels.
  • Very rugged. No maintenance - constant performance lasts for years.
  • Economical. Only 0,025 EUR operation costs per liter. Constant permeat/drain ratio. No tank of rubber or plastic (best is glas or Lexan®).

    Why reverse osmosis?
    One of the biggest advantages of lime and salt reduction is the reduced surface tension of water and the increased dissolving and penetrating power of the water (compares to 95° C hot water), as well as the higher saturation and transport capacity.
  • No more lime cleaning of vessels.
  • Spic and span cookware.
  • Enormeous savings (lime is isolating, which produces considerable heating losses).

    Technical data:
  • Diameter: 5 cm, height 25 cm.
  • Weight: 350 g
  • Operation pressure: 2,3 - 6,5 bar
  • Additional filter: Dirt strainer. Carbon pre and post filter.

    ATTENTION: Reverse osmosis filtration creates a back pressure! Do not operate reverse osmosis filters on pressureless continuous-flow water heaters (used in many old buildings and offices), because they become leaky immediately!

  • TFC type (carbon pre filter required)
  • >95% rejection rate.
  • Performance: 5-8 l / h (pressure dependent)
  • Permeat /concentrate ratio: 1:4

    extra accessories available:
  • Two-way-valve
  • New: drinking water canister PETG made of glas like special material, 1 gallon.

    Difference to Watmaker: The Purosmart is twice as fast, because it uses a Dow Chemical membrane, instead of a Hydronautics membrane.

    Free shipping due to a order value of 100.00 when delivering to Germany.

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    Reviewer Rupert Schnitzhofer from Abtenau, Oesterreich wrote at 03.03.2009

    Sg Damen und Herren,
    ich habe mir einen Purosmart besorgt. Es war keine Anleitung in deutsch dabei!
    [siehe P.M.]
    Ich habe einen Leitungsdruck von ca. 3 bar und es tröpfelt langsam. ist das normal?

    [Es sollten ca. 2-3 Liter pro Stunde gefiltert werden. 3 Bar sind ziemlich niedrig. P.M.]

    Ich freue mich auf eine Antwort
    Rupert Schnitzhofer

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